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WWDC 2020 Thoughts and Impressions

Pete Gibbons

digital developer

We love a good Apple Keynote at hue. Our team sits in front of our iMacs and MacBooks all day, whilst calling clients on our iPhones and doodling on our iPads, so it’s fair to say we’re well invested into the Apple world, and something like Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference is a big deal for us. There were a ton of big announcements at this year’s all digital, online only conference. First shout out has to go to Apple’s video production crew for how they delivered the keynote – tons of stunning videography gets an A+ from us! Here are some quick thoughts about what we saw:

iOS 14
Some would argue that most of Apple’s ‘new’ features for iOS 14 have been part of Android’s OS for years, and they’d be right. Reorganising your home screen with widgets and the App Library, and getting useful features quickly without having to download entire apps with App Clips looks brilliant though. There’s something about how Apple adds that extra layer of design polish to these features that have been on Android for a while, that makes them seem that much more new, useful and exciting. Also, one day once we all can afford new cars we’ll be able to unlock them and drive them with just our phone and no keys. Awesome!

iPadOS 14
The stand out feature for us on the update to iPadOS was the new Scribble feature for Apple Pencil. If you’ve ever seen any of our creatives attempt to take notes in a meeting, you’ll understand why this is such a big deal! Finally we’ll be able to actually read and organise our notes with handwriting to text functionality, easy edits to handwriting sections, and we’ll be able to scribble down whatever we feel like wherever we want on the iPad and have it understand us (hopefully!)

macOS Big Sur
The first thing to note about the new macOS release is that this is finally macOS 11.0. We’ve been using macOS 10.X since 2001 (!!), and Apple are promising this as the biggest update to their operating system ever! The biggest change at the moment is certainly the visual update. Personally we’re a fan of the new look, and love seeing things kept fresh, clean and modern. The new rounded edges and transparencies move it closer and closer to the look and feel of iOS and iPadOS, bringing a coherent and consistent feel across their product ecosystem that is unmistakably Apple. There will definitely be more, and bigger changes to macOS over the coming years, especially given their last and definitely biggest piece of news…

Apple Silicon
Apple are making its own chips for Mac, and are starting to transition away from Intel. This is HUGE. Apple already use their own chips in the iPhone and the iPad, and if they can nail chips for their Mac line up, the potential is massive. Not being limited by whatever Intel are producing, Apple are truly in command of their own destiny when it comes to the Mac. The idea of fully integrated Apple hardware is very exciting, and we could in theory see big, big jumps in performance and battery life for Macs in the coming years.

So that’s some of our very brief thoughts on this years WWDC Keynote, and we didn’t even cover watchOS 7 (which now times you as you wash your hands, possibly the most 2020 feature ever) or Apple TV or new AirPods Pro software. What did you think of the announcements? Do you love or hate the new designs and features? We love this stuff at hue and could talk about it for days, so let’s have a conversation!