case study

A new microsite designed and built by team hue means that KNEAD Pubs are now 95% paperless.

Like many businesses, hue client KNEAD Pubs were hit full force by the impact of COVID-19. The challenge of adapting with minimal notice meant all hands on deck to ensure their locations were able to adhere to government guidelines, whilst still offering the best possible service to their loyal customers.

User-friendly digital menus across all sites which are convenient for customers, better for the environment and a big tick for COVID-19 safety measures.

“Our business has faced huge challenges in the last 12 months and we have had to adapt and change at the shortest of notice in an ever stranger world.

When we sat down with hue and discussed moving forward with our menu system (taking it from paperless to remote through a QR code system) neither side had undertaken anything like it before. From just one meeting hue grasped what we wanted and needed, and created something that was simple and easy for the consumer to use but also detailed enough for us to be able to include our full comprehensive menus for each site individually.

hue took our idea and made it reality within a short time frame and with very minimal input from us. Not only that but it looks fantastic too.”

Sophie Thurlby


We introduced track and trace points enabling each site to comply fully with government regulations keeping both customers and staff members in a safe and healthy environment.

Implementation of digital menus across all seven KNEAD locations, each requiring custom menu options and information






Website Design & Development