4 things to make your website interactive and engaging

By Pete Gibbons | August 18, 2021

The last thing you want when someone visits your website is for them to be bored. We make it our ambition at hue for every visitor to your website to say – “hey, that’s pretty cool”.

So here’s 4 things you can do to keep your website interactive and engaging:


Video is one of the more effective ways of grabbing (and keeping) people’s attention. It’s already been shown how much more effective motion is at creating engagement on social media when compared to still images. The same is true for websites, and with internet speeds getting faster and faster, it’s not the mobile no-no that it once was. There’s all sorts of ways to implement it, but one of our favourites is using it as a moving and eye-catching background.


Users want to feel like they are actually interacting with your website, not just reading a static screen. If that’s the case it might as well just be a piece of paper. One way you can take advantage of being in a digital environment is by using hover animations. The simple act of causing elements to move in subtle ways when hovered over with the mouse is a great way to make your users feel like they are actually engaging with your content, not just simply looking at it. When used on hyperlinks, it’s also a great tool for helping users navigate around your site.


This is a cool one, but something you only really notice once you stop using it. Using some clever Javascript you can make your user’s journey between pages on your website infinitely more satisfying. Rather than clicking a link and producing a ‘hard cut’ between pages, where the new page’s content just pops in, you can set things up so that the old content can transition out (for example with a fade) and the new content can smoothly animate into place. It feels a little bit like walking through a doorway between rooms, rather than being teleported instantaneously. Much less jarring and disorienting. Much more slick and smooth. It’s the kind of thing that some people won’t even notice. All they know is that your website feels great to use.


We’ve already talked about video, and this is really an extension of that, but utilising 3D animated elements throughout your site can help elevate your site’s user experience and really give it a premium feel when done right. It’s an extra design twist you still don’t see all that often, and could really help your site stand out from the crowd.

We’d love to help you make your new website as engaging and interactive as possible. Let’s talk about how we can make your users say: “Hey, that’s pretty cool.”