Client experience is key to success

By Mark Buttress | November 16, 2021

A customers’ perception of your business is all down to their experience with you, and of course, the experience of others given how much reviews can influence the decision making process. Their interactions with you are their reality – if they walk away feeling like their needs weren’t met, they’ll associate those negative feelings with your business and probably never return.

The customer experience really is key to the success of your business and every single interaction they have with you feeds into that. Their feelings, emotions and perceptions of your business dictate this. Successful companies don’t just provide a product or service — they make us feel and perceive things in a certain way and turn mundane business interactions and into experiences.

What makes for a customer experience to remember?

  • Something that used to be hard is now extremely easy
  • You got something you didn’t expect, more than you thought you would
  • You learned something that greatly improved your life

For example, how does buying an iPhone from Apple make you feel? Special, connected, worth it? To deliver memorable, impactful experiences that make our customer’s eyes light up, we must continually work to create a perception that makes our customers want to experience doing business with us over and over again.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Consistency is key!  To build loyalty and retain customers, businesses need to deliver the same experience every time they interact with them. One bad experience can easily destroy all the hard work.

A great customer experience is:

  • Personalised
  • Timely
  • Relevant
  • Effortless
  • Seamless
  • Remarkable
  • Memorable
  • Consistent

Consistency sets expectations and creates predictability, which in turn, leads to trust. Trust results in a solid relationship.

Now, we know that every customer is different so their definition of a great customer experience is going to be different as well.  Here at hue, we build on the foundational elements mentioned above but also focus on delivering personalised experiences. We get to know our clients, how they like to work and what they expect from us. In not just meeting their specific needs, but aspiring to exceed them, we hope they’ll come back for more.

Customer experience makes a big difference:

Telling them about what you do = little trust

If a potential customer has never heard of your brand before they’re unlikely to trust you.

Showing them what you do = some trust

If you show them what you do, they may trust you a little more.

Give them an experience = likely to trust you

If you give them an experience with what you do, they’re more likely to trust your brand!

At hue, collaboration with our clients is key. Their success is a shared goal – we work as a combined team to ensure the end results. If you’d like help building your customer experience, get in touch.