Creating a Brand Identity

By Louise Dennington | September 23, 2021

Yes, I know…. we always talk about how branding is so much more than a logo, and we wholeheartedly stand by that, but let’s just take a moment to strip things back and focus on that logo –that one thing that is your primary identity and what people recognise your brand by.

The main thing to consider when creating your brand identity is your target audience –who are they and where will they see you? This is the consumer’s first introduction to your business, so the places where they may see your brand for the very first time. It could be on your website or on various social platforms for example.

Then consider your sequential branding, the places where consumers will see you after their initial exposure. Say for example they’re on your website and they subscribe to a mailing list. If you then send them an email, your brand will be seen again. Other examples include proposals, blogs and documents.

There will also be places that your brand will be displayed that are still important, but would have less impact, things such as invoices, contracts and business cards.

Once you have your lists written, there are many things to consider. Will your logo easily apply to all items, and will the brand name itself actually work well on these? That includes the font itself, the colours used and also any design elements such as icons, patterns and textures–just some of the aspects that contribute towards brand guidelines, your business bible!

Ready to go further?

We can help work with you to create identity. We can also develop a full brand framework for your business (branding is so much more than a logo you know –just in case you missed that bit!). There is a great deal to consider but put the effort in and the results will speak for themselves.

Reasons to re-brand:

  • To be more competitive digitally
  • To appeal to a different target audience
  • When up-scaling for business growth
  • To make a greater impact
  • To create more flexibility
  • To shout about your business and gain new media attention

Branding checklist:

  • Know and understand your audience
  • Define your strengths and what makes you different
  • Be consistent
  • Determine your tone of voice
  • Provide a brand experience
  • Always look to evolve