Digital marketing is great, but it needs to be part of a complete, integrated marketing strategy

By Mark Buttress | November 26, 2021

Digital work is just a small part of what real marketing is. Yes, it’s crucial, yes, it’s impact is massive… but it’s not everything. A strong, robust campaign, utilising every aspect of marketing, will enable you to reach out to everyone within your target audience, and even beyond!

Create a complete, integrated marketing strategy

Marketing can be really good. But connect all the information together and it can be really great! An integrated strategy includes both online and offline methods, looked at together and not in isolation. Gone are the days of attracting a potential customer offline to then direct them online for conversion. A truly holistic approach incorporates both into each step of the conversion process.

A great example of this is when Tesla managed to launch their Roadster into outer space as part of a joint promotion with SpaceX. They decided to use this expensive car as ballast rather than payload. The launch was used to showcase both the Tesla and SpaceX. This attracted millions to watch the launch. By using a Tesla as part of the launch they managed to make it memorable and interesting. This offline event led to thousands of videos, articles, tweets and photos being shared worldwide online.

Another example of a particularly memorable campaign, when KFC ran out of chickens in the UK, made for great PR. But instead of trying to cover their backs, they simply went with it and made fun of themselves by printing their logo letters in a different order to say ‘FCK we’re sorry’. With over 1 billion impressions, their billboards, buckets, prints and traditional marketing methods certainly made an impact!

If you want to make a substantial impact in your industry, start with the bigger picture in mind and combine your methods.


  • Digital – social media, email, website, apps, ads, SEO, content, software, online
  • Traditional – packaging, print, collateral, billboards, radio, TV, news, magazines
  • Network – business groups, events, influencers, cold calling, door knocking
  • Affiliate – referrals, lead generation, partnerships, press, sponsors, venture capital, promoting

If you’d like to discuss creating an integrated marketing strategy for your product or service, get in touch.