Is it time to refresh your brand?

By Louise Dennington | March 23, 2022

For a brand to be successful, staying relevant to your market is essential. It isn’t just a case of the older your business gets, the more likely it is to need a refresh (although that is true!) but it’s also ensuring you keep up with the market and changes in technology, and continue to offer what your customers need. 

If you have a target market already, you shouldn’t restrict yourself and keep within those boundaries. Are you analysing your market? Are their needs changing? Is your target market the same as what it used to be or are there in fact, alternative audiences? Your brand needs to reach the customers you are aiming to attract.

Having an extensive marketing strategy in place will help to ensure consistency across your offering – so aligning your brand across all outputs, digital or otherwise. Brand consistency helps to ensure your brand stands out, is recognisable and therefore, sticks in people’s minds. Sometimes, a refresh of your brand, without completing re-branding, is all that is needed for some new energy!

As equally important to this strategy, is the need to review it regularly. This isn’t a static plan, but one that should evolve with your business to maintain relevance and align to your company vision and values.

Involving your team in this work can help you all to understand it better. Picking each others brains and getting wide spread ideas will contribute to ensuring consistency not only in the look of your brand, but also how they talk about it – your tone of voice – a tone established that speaks to the right people.

So in summary, why should you refresh your brand?

  1. To reassess your offering and ensure a clear brand identity
  2. To target the right audience and serve them appropriately
  3. To maintain or improve your position in the market
  4. To ensure consistency of your brand
  5. To stay current

But what’s the difference between a re-brand and a brand refresh?

A brand refresh is a reimagining of the look and feel of your brand. Although not quite as simple as it sounds, it can be extremely impactful.

A complete re-brand on the other hand, is repositioning your offering and leaving the old brand behind. It requires meticulous planning, research and time. It is a bold move, and needs the buy in of all stakeholders.

Whichever option you feel like exploring, you’ll need to work with a creative agency you trust.