Long term online engagement

By Pete Gibbons | September 7, 2021

Did you ever see the episode of Spongebob (yep, we’re talking Spongebob), where he eats the super disgusting breakfast sundae and get’s really smelly breath? Spongebob’s best friend is Patrick (the pink starfish in the swimming trunks with no nose). As he can’t smell, he’s convinced people don’t want to hang out with Spongebob because ‘he’s ugly’. Thankfully by the end of the episode, the error is realised to joyous exclamations of “we’re not ugly, WE STINK!”

Maybe the reason that people aren’t coming back to you’re website isn’t because it’s ugly, it’s because something stinks. All you need is to freshen things up! You probably need some fresh content. Some new content!

At hue, we believe one of the keys to fostering long term online engagement is a constant flow of fresh content, and that your website is the key to this. Your website isn’t just a static pamphlet that’s out of date as soon as it’s launched. It’s a living, breathing organism that should constantly amaze and delight it’s users every time they visit.

In this world of social media, your website is the last piece of online content that is truly and uniquely yours, free from the constraints of posts, stories, timelines and adverts. You have an opportunity with your website to create a truly unique experience for it’s visitors. An opportunity to do something different and never settle for normal! 

Maybe it’s uploading articles containing unique perspectives on an issue only you and your business can give. Maybe it’s supplying users with helpful resources. Maybe it’s something completely different. Whatever type of content it is, make sure you: 

  1. Keep it fresh: don’t repeat yourself (the number one rule of writing code as well if you didn’t know). People will always come back for something new.
  2. Make it exclusive: do something that no one else is doing. Make your users feel like they’re part of a special club that only a select few are part of.
  3. Make it beneficial: ensure your content is actually beneficial. People can smell a marketing ploy a mile off, so make your content builds trust and actually leaves the user better off for accessing it.

Creating fresh, exclusive and beneficial content goes a long way to maintaining a cohesive and complete online experience for your users and customers.

Take a look below at how we’ve helped some of our clients with Media Hubs and Resource Centres, that keep their customers coming back for more.