Office Branding

By Louise Dennington | July 11, 2022

You may well be familiar with the likes of Google’s offices. A distinct look and feel, colours representative of their brand, shapes and textures that exude purpose. It’s a place where many aspire to work, and it’s no coincidence that such attention to detail is present in all major brand’s offices.

First impressions count as far as visiting clients go. Walking into an office that shouts ‘brand’ gives the company kudos and consistency, but not just to clients, employees too.

We often talk about the importance of a company’s digital presence. Yes, this is essential, but the working space is equally relevant. It is said that people strive in the right environment. Businesses want employees to be invested in the company’s vision and values. They want their employees to be excited to come to work. Internal branding is a great way to highlight the culture of an organisation and create a productive workplace. 

The importance of office interior branding:

  • Increased productivity – a welcoming office can motivate the workforce to do their best
  • Satisfied clients – a client remembers you which is beneficial for recommendations
  • Promotion of company culture – this assures your clients of the reliable services on offer and things that you stand for
  • Enhanced creativity – a creatively decorated workspace designed with the employees in mind can significantly improve the quality of work

Creating a sense of pride and passion about where someone works can be achieved by investing in ensuring your brand is front and centre within your space. Be proud of who you are, live the brand and show it off! 

We were asked earlier this year by local recruitment company MorePeople to design interior branding for their new, large open-plan office to help make their business one of the best places to work in Stamford. We love this style – modern, fun and of course, on brand! The results speak for themselves!

Photography in this blog by danielmclean.co.uk

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