Christmas at The Crown

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Creation of teaser videos and final high quality video to showcase Christmas at The Crown

Christmas at The Crown

Maintaining our position as brand guardians of KNEAD, we were provided with the opportunity to get festive early in the build up to Christmas at their flagship venue, The Crown Hotel in the beautiful market town of Stamford.


Never understated

The Crown team started planning The Alpine Lodge & Piste Bar well in advance of the festivities. We were asked to create teaser video posts to build intrigue and interest in what was happening, to then launch a final, high quality video showcasing this new area for friends, families and colleagues to gather to celebrate Christmas.

Team Work

The initial build and development of the venue took place over a three week period, involving numerous tradespeople who made it happen in time for the grand opening towards the end of November, ready to greet the first Christmas party.

Filming the process allowed for two teaser videos to be created for social channels, showing the trades at work and a glimpse of what was to come. The posts received great interactions and got people thinking about what to do this Christmas with friends, family or for their work parties.

Christmas has started

The hue team stepped up to the challenge, working around inevitable last minutes changes and additions, capturing the completed space on film, ready for opening. Once again, engagement across social channels for this video was fantastic!

Such a project takes significant planning, not just for The Crown team in creating this wonderful space, but also for us at hue coming up with several scenarios for the shoot and detailed scenes we wanted to capture. Flexibility was vital to cater for the unexpected or revised timings, with the ultimate goal to show the venue being made ready for the opening and welcoming people back to The Crown. 

We wanted this film to feel special and connect with peoples emotions, especially as celebrations at The Crown last Christmas had to be cancelled. We used a sound track to build up to the showcase moment of the lights being turned on and Christmas officially starting.

“On behalf of all of us, an incredible job! Looks absolutely brilliant. Well done!”

Ross Dykes, Operations Manager, KNEAD

“We set out to showcase the true essence of Christmas at The Crown. Shot in slow-motion to give full attention to and really hone in on all the individualistic details and setting on offer. Combining with sound to further build upon the emotion evoking narrative and sentiment Christmas brings, we wanted to fully immerse the viewer in all The Crown’s Christmas glory.”

Scott Bradley, Head of Film Production at hue

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