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Full brand guardianship – videography, photography, copywriting, graphic design, events, signage, vehicle livery, promotions, website, social, customer communication, hotel book, window designs, and more

Partnership at its best

As guardians and custodians of the KNEAD Group brand, our job is to work with and support them as true partners in business. This partnership has spanned over 2 decades beginning back in 2009.

Within this time, the group has inevitably gone through many changes including business acquisitions, Covid-19 and modernisation in keeping up with current trends and the needs of their customers.


Brand consistency

Our role is not just as a design partner but to ensure consistency across the KNEAD Group, from photography of venues and food to creation of video content that truly represents who KNEAD are, what they stand for and the quality and attention to detail they deliver daily to their customers.

Brand refresh

Over the years, KNEAD and its pubs have undergone several refreshes. The most important stage of any refresh is communicating to your customers what you are doing and why. People love new things and KNEAD are masters at reinventing their own internal spaces keeping things fresh and relevant. Our job is to ensure that this translates through their online and offline communications.

Innovation & technology

Part of our work in modernising the KNEAD brand was in enabling all locations to become 90% paperless with the introduction of new online menus.

Easy to access by guests via QR code, the online menus also streamlined the menu updating process, and enabled greater flexibility with special menus, dishes and events.

Our business has faced huge challenges in the last 12 months and we have had to adapt and change at the shortest of notice in an ever stranger world. When we sat down with hue and discussed moving forward with our menu system (taking it from paperless to remote through a QR code system) neither side had undertaken anything like it before. From just one meeting hue grasped what we wanted and needed, and created something that was simple and easy for the consumer to use but also detailed enough for us to be able to include our full comprehensive menus for each site individually. hue took our idea and made it reality within a short time frame and with very minimal input from us. Not only that but it looks fantastic too.

Sophia Thurlby

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