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A brand with authenticity and provenance

Bakehouse Kitchens create luxurious tailor-made, handcrafted kitchens. Our relationship with them started with a brochure. Alan wanted a beautifully finished book showcasing their finest kitchens and finishings to potential clients. With a textured cover and gold foiling, a bold, clean design and printed opaque pages, we wanted to create a brochure that felt as luxurious as a Bakehouse kitchen feels.


With a strong brand identity already in place, we helped Bakehouse to create a unique social media presence. We wanted to showcase their beautiful work in a way that was accessible to the everyday admirer. In doing this, we create relationships and start conservations with a wider audience and reach potential clients further afield. Alongside the main gallery space, we also maintain their stories, brand assets and adapt content according to analytics.

Luxuriously clean, animating website

As the marketing team for Bakehouse Kitchens, we produced all their advertising and editorials to ensure that the company remained consistent and on-brand. Alongside this, we worked on a luxurious, clean and contemporary new website with smooth, delicate animation to enhance the user experience. We created distinctive range names and a sleek new menu to ensure easy navigation across the site. Exploring each range with large lifestyle photography of the kitchens, lets the finished product speak for itself.

We’re a design led company who know what we want, just don’t have the time or resources to execute the plan. The attention to detail is so important to us – that’s why we come to companies like yours!

Alan Ramm
Bakehouse Kitchens

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