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Creating a common language

Clarity4D has over 300 Business Partners based throughout the world offering profiles, workshops and coaching support in 6 different languages. Their tools sit at the heart of development journeys for individuals, teams and organisations, offering not just personality profiles, but action plans and a coaching framework designed to improve relationships through understanding and communication.

Having worked with Clarity4D back in 2016/17, with ever changing technology and trends, the time came to give their brand a re-fresh to re-align to their target audience and stand out within the market. Stripping their existing website back, we simplified the navigation and focused much more on the products on offer, the conversations they generate, and what benefits this gives the end user.


With essential promotional and developmental materials forming part of the Clarity4D toolkit, ensuring the refined brand worked across all assets was key. Accreditation documentation and supporting assets carry across the brand colours through the journey of the C4D ‘swirl’ adding a fun element to the offering and a defining purpose of the journeys people can go on with Clarity4D.

With colour at the heart of all that Clarity4D offers, we re-worked the logo, colour palettes and fonts and developed new icons and digital assets that carry the brand throughout. The colour range is taken from the Clarity4D swirl with a secondary, complimentary palette to add variety and interest.

The primary typeface offers a corporate element to the brand, with the secondary typeface softening the look whilst also emphasising particular words or sentences.

Expressing the core values and benefits of the Clarity4D brand through photography assets is a key communication principle within their new site, allowing their customers to ‘feel’ and connect to the brand by nurturing new and positive emotions.

Clarity4D has strong links to performance delivery, using the four elements of the Ancient Greeks and the energies of Fire, Water, Air and Earth to identify the four personality types. The icons created for these needed to be strong, powerful and recognisable.

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