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Gravitas is Peterborough’s most luxurious lifestyle magazine. They came to us with beautiful branding already in place and asked us to design and produce the magazine that would be distributed to thousands of people.


A London centric, luxury lifestyle publication

We could not be more proud of our partnership with Gravitas and what they stand for – supporting local business development and bringing people and businesses together. We wanted it to stand out as a leader in the magazine sector and with our bold and clean design choices, we think it does just that.

Gravitas are renowned for their stand out covers. Uncluttered – we want the photo to do the talking. Throughout the magazine, we have utilised the curly brace from the logo to highlight quotes and important information, to ensure the magazine has a strong sense of brand identity. You won’t see any quarter or half-page advertisements here. Just high-quality imagery, compelling interviews and engaging content.

Digital publication website of style, trends and inspiration

We helped take the magazine digital with an online presence for further marketing opportunities and worked with clients of Gravitas with their advertorials.

The team at hue were instrumental in bringing the magazine to life and increasing awareness of our brand across our targeted locations. The design work is absolutely fabulous every time, with a copywriting and proofing service that ensures consistency and perfection. Thank you team hue!

Heidi Semple

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