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Restoring Balance with Visit Jersey

Project Objective: 

Amplify Visit Jersey’s “Restore Your Balance” campaign messaging through new product offerings and illustrative designs that showcase key island locations.

Client Background:

Visit Jersey is the official tourism board for the island of Jersey, promoting the destination to visitors worldwide. In 2021, Visit Jersey launched a marketing campaign centered around the theme of “Restore Your Balance,” aiming to highlight the island’s diverse offerings and its ability to provide a sense of wellbeing to visitors.

 Design unique illustrations of iconic Jersey landmarks: Corbiere Lighthouse, Mont Orgueil Castle, and Elizabeth Castle

 Create designs for merchandise items to be distributed to media, influencers, and key stakeholders

 Ensuring the designs reflect the campaign messaging

Incorporating elements of optical illusion to create a distinct and memorable visual identity

Our Approach

1. Research and Conceptualisation

We began by researching the key campaign messaging and identifying the most iconic landmarks on the island. Understanding the concept of restoring balance, we brainstormed ideas to integrate optical illusion elements into the designs.

2. Design Development:

Leveraging our expertise in illustration and graphic design, we crafted three unique designs, each centred around one of the designated landmarks. We utilised optical illusion techniques to create visually striking imagery that aligned with the campaign theme.

3. Iterative Process

We collaborated with the PR and Merchandising teams, gathering feedback and making adjustments to ensure that the designs effectively conveyed the desired message. Through an iterative process, we refined the illustrations to meet the client’s vision and objectives.

4. Finalisation and Production

Once the designs were approved, we finalised the artwork and prepared it for production on merchandise items. We ensured that the designs maintained their integrity and impact across various print formats.


Creation of three distinct illustrations featuring Corbiere Lighthouse, Mont Orgueil Castle, and Elizabeth Castle, each incorporating elements of optical illusion. 

• Development of merchandise items including water bottles, tote bags, and notebooks, showcasing the illustrations and reinforcing the campaign messaging.

• Successful alignment of the designs with Visit Jersey’s “Restore Your Balance” campaign, enhancing brand visibility and engagement among target audiences.

• Positive feedback from stakeholders and recipients of the merchandise, highlighting the creativity and effectiveness of the designs in promoting the island’s unique attractions.


Through strategic design and collaboration, Hue successfully translated Visit Jersey’s campaign messaging into visually captivating illustrations and merchandise. By leveraging optical illusion techniques and highlighting iconic landmarks, we helped reinforce the island’s identity as a destination for restoration and well-being. The project exemplifies our commitment to creativity, innovation, and impactful design solutions.

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